Full Service Podcast Studio

Record, Edit, and Promote!

We know that trying to rent a podcast studio is like trying to find that perfect second home.

That’s why we built Burbank Podcast Studios, to provide an exceptional podcast recording experience, with first-in-class equipment, staff, and service, that is second to none.

Our podcast studio comes jam-packed with top of the line equipment including; dual 4K 60FPS cameras, our custom-built auto-switching AI, four studio-grade Shure SM7B microphones, a professional engineer to manage it all, beautiful black and red curtains, comfy white leather chairs, and a massive hardwood table that can easily accommodate you and your guests.

Choose from Audio-Only and Video Recordings

Whether you’re looking to film a video podcast in stunning 4K 60FPS, or record crystal-clear audio with zero ambient noise, Burbank Podcast Studios has everything you need to perform at your best.

AI-Powered LIVE Video Switcher

Our custom-built video switcher uses complex AI algorithms to figure out who is speaking, and automatically cuts to the correct camera. This removes the human element from the equation; giving you seamless transitions between speakers, and reducing post-production time to zero!

Separate Engineering Room

Our engineers sit in a completely different room, allowing hosts and their guests to feel comfortable and able to focus on their conversation. We’re able to monitor the entire session from our engineering room, ensuring that while we’re not in there with you, we can still keep our eyes and ears on the recording.

Kitchenette Included

Our podcast recording studio has a built-in kitchenette, including a full-size refrigerator, microwave, a K-Cup coffee and tea maker, hot/cold water dispenser, cups and utensils, and a sink! We offer complimentary waters, coffee, and tea, and you’re welcome to bring your own drinks and snacks!

Gated Private Parking

Our podcast studio has access to a private gated parking lot, with 2 dedicated spaces during the week, and the entire lot on the weekends. There’s also plenty of free street parking available all around, with no tow-away zones or meters, so you can rest assured that parking your vehicles is a hassle-free experience.

Video Podcasts

Our video podcast studio rentals are full-featured, and choosing to record your video podcast with us, gets you total access to our dual 4K 60FPS cameras, custom AI-driven camera switcher, four Shure SM7B microphones, an on-site engineer and host, and our hand-designed podcast room.

Dual 4K UHD / 60FPS Cameras

AI-Powered Camera Switcher

Four Shure SM7B Microphones

On-site Engineer and Host

Audio Podcasts

Our audio podcast studio rentals provide the perfect environment to record your podcast. Featuring four Shure SM7B microphones, hand-made Canare cables with Neutrik connectors, a sound-treated room offering a dead-silent noise floor under -60dB, and an on-site engineer.

Four Shure SM7B Microphones

Sound-treated Podcast Room

Noise Floor Under -60dB

On-site Engineer and Host

Full-Service Agency

That’s not all though! We’re not just a podcast studio, we’re a full service media production and promotion agency, providing a wide range of services including; video editing, audio editing, visual content creation (intro/outro/logo), social media services, consultation services, and so much more.

Video and Audio Podcast Editing

Visual Content Creation (intro/outro/logo)

Social Media Services

Consultation Services