Burbank Podcast Studios – Set 2

Set 2 of our podcast studio features three 4K 60FPS cameras, four Shure SM7B microphones, a 42 inch TV (that displays crystal clear on camera!), a couch, two chairs, and a stunning brick backdrop. The perfect set for creating high-quality video and audio recordings with a more relaxed atmosphere!

Highlights and Features

Film your video podcast in beautiful 4K 60FPS with crystal-clear audio, while relaxing on the comfy couch and chairs!

Three 4K UHD / 60FPS Cameras

Four Shure SM7B Microphones

AI-Powered Camera Switcher

On-Site Engineer and Host

43 Inch TV (That looks good on film!)

Comfy Couch and Chairs

NOTE: This set does NOT have the ability to record individual video feeds at the same time as our standard AI-Switched mixed output.