What Are The Benefits of Starting Your Own Podcast

You’re considering starting a podcast but you don’t fully see what the benefits are. Wasting resources and time isn’t an option; you need to get the facts straight before jumping on the podcasting bandwagon.

Maybe you’re looking for a great way to keep your audience engaged. Or perhaps you’ve been successfully using blog articles and a newsletter to stay in touch with your customers. Naturally, you’re curious about the benefits of starting a podcast.

Let us break down for you what benefits you might see from starting your very own podcast show.

#1: Podcasting doesn’t have to break the bank

Podcasting could be the answer to marketing your brand without spending a fortune.

If you’re not particular about the quality, you probably already have the tools to begin creating a basic podcast. These are the essentials:

  • Laptop with a recording function
  • Microphone
  • Podcasting software

Podcasting can get expensive if you’re willing to invest in high-quality podcasting equipment, post production work, social media, and the like.

#2: Podcasting is a casual way to get personal

Business owners are continuously looking for ways to connect with their target audience. Even though blog and video content are engaging, podcasts offer content in a casual tone. Think of podcasts as a content format that encourages the creator to have a conversation.

Rather than sitting in front of a camera or tediously spending hours writing blog content, podcasts allow you to reveal who you are. Throughout each podcast episode, you’ll unveil layers of your personality, including but not limited to your opinions, knowledge, and passions.

As you paint a picture of who you are, you’ll captivate your listeners. You’re becoming more personal with subscribers, engaging with them on a level untouched by other content formats. This helps to establish brand loyalty which can lead into immeasurable results. 

#3: Podcasting is a great way to market your brand

If you have a brand, you’re likely dedicating resources to your digital marketing efforts. Whether you’re publishing blogs, posting on social media, or something else, you know the importance of establishing your brand as an authoritative industry expert.

Podcasting will help you level-up your digital marketing efforts by offering value instead of a sales pitch. You’re not selling anything; you’re offering your listeners something they’ll appreciate and if they don’t, they wouldn’t be watching or listening to begin with!

For instance, you can offer your two cents on a common problem within your industry, provide tactical steps that you’ve used, or stories surrounding your experience with a subject. Ultimately, this is how you’ll establish credibility.

As you publish more podcast episodes surrounding topics relevant to your industry, more people will begin to see your brand as an authority. Then, when the time comes to ask a question or make a purchase, you and your brand are the first to come to mind.

#4: Podcasting can generate leads for your sales funnel

Your business’s sales funnel should consist of a series of steps that encourages your audience to take action. These actions should lead to conversions as you continue providing value. 

Podcasts can be used to guide your target audience throughout this funnel. After someone subscribes to your podcast, they’re in your sales funnel. You’ll continue to send these subscribers more content to move them further down into your funnel.

You can use podcasts at every stage in your sales funnel. From boosting awareness to maintaining loyalty with your customers, you can continue providing value through your podcast series long after someone discovers your brand.

Eventually, your subscribers can become paying customers. However, this isn’t where the lead generation stops. https://musicoomph.com/podcast-statistics

#5: Podcasting can expand your audience

Each year, the number of people tuning in to podcasts grows. The portability of podcasts makes them an accessible source of information when a screen isn’t available.

A podcast series will help you reach an entire group of listeners you couldn’t reach otherwise. Since the content is more accessible than ever, you can now reach people who only have time to engage with content during transit, a gym session, or somewhere where blog or video content can’t be consumed.

Smartphones are promoting engagement with podcasts, with more than 36 million Americans accessing podcasts via their mobile device. But let’s not forget, subscribers who find value in your podcast will want to share that value with friends and colleagues. 

With each share, you get more eyes on your brand as you continue delivering value through your content.

#6: Podcasting can attract more opportunities

Podcasters put themselves out there more than most other people. They’re consistently creating content surrounding their industry. As more people hear you speak, there’s a higher likelihood that more doors will open for you.

Some podcasters are asked to host or present at conferences. Personal coaching session requests are also rather common. There are even times podcasters are asked to conduct workshops related to their industry.

As you podcast, you demonstrate your industry knowledge. You’re also showing how you work and communicate. Your content markets your business, your brand, and yourself, acting as a magnet for new and exciting opportunities from within your industry.

#7: Podcasting can build a community around your brand

While podcasts might seem one-sided, they do more than deliver information; they connect listeners to your brand. Your podcast can help your subscribers feel as though they’re with you every step of your journey.

The vibe should be inclusive of your audience to make them a part of every podcast episode. Discuss a common interest that holds your community together and encourages listener engagement, and you’ll establish a strong podcast community. This community will become dedicated to your podcast, and in turn, they will become devoted to your brand.

The benefits of podcasting vary from brand to brand. Some businesses focus on developing a community while others use their content to bring leads to their sales funnel.

Regardless of how you plan to use your podcast, these benefits are relevant to nearly any business model. Whether you’re interested in educating people about your industry, providing value, or forging a community of loyal subscribers, each episode will bring you one step closer to achieving your podcast goals.

The key is to remain consistent in your publishing. As your podcast gains more momentum, your brand will experience the benefits of starting a podcast. Stick to your podcast strategy and remain motivated to accomplish your podcasting goals.